Will Triumph Ever Announce a Triumph Ton-Up Edition Bike – How Cool Would That Be?

What if?  Could an homage to the Ton-Up Boys of yesteryear, be just around the corner, this year, or next? 

A Ton-Up Triumph would be a classic move by the motorbike manufacturer, and one that’s sure to be a hit with its following, our fans, and motorbike enthusiasts around the world. With throwback editions and models being all the rage over the last few years in just about every manufacturing segment from cars and trucks to clothing, why not a nod to the original Ton-Up Boys, one of the most influential British subcultures in history, with its roots in café style motorbikes, and speed. The Ton-Up Boys mantra was live life and live it fast.

Think Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Demon, but with two wheels. What if the king of cafe racers came out with a Ton-Up retro throwback motorcycle? It would be monumental.

What if Triumph Were Take the Leap and Build A Special Edition Ton-Up Triumph?

Who really knows, but boy the thought of it just makes you want to get out on the road and go. Retro bikes are cool, and many people build their own, some of the modern bikes in the Triumph stable, and others, have early Cafe Racer roots and heritage. In fact, it’s often said that the Cafe Racer period of motorcycles has been the biggest single influence on motorbike manufacturing in the history of the industry and we agree!

Why wouldn’t Triumph build a throwback to the greatest generation in bike history? It’s a generation of enthusiasts who lived what they dreamed; it was part of who they were. Sure, Harley’s are great, and they have a heritage second to none, but even they would probably say you can’t duplicate the emotion you feel when you see a classic café racer, especially one hauling down the highway, it just moves you, makes you wonder, what if…

Is Triumph going to Do the Ton Once Again with a New Ton-Up Edition Triumph?

We sure hope so! We love the lifestyle, heck we built a brand around it. Nothing excites us more than sharing the lifestyle with others, everyone from ton-up enthusiasts, to motorcycle enthusiasts, to those just looking for the lifestyle regardless of the bike component.

This Wouldn’t be Triumph’s First Ton Up Bike, They Custom Built a Ton-Up Thruxton for the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride

If Triumph ever Builds a Ton-Up Edition Cafe Racer, it won’t be the first time in recent history they did so. Ok, so it wasn’t a production bike, but it was a one-off Triumph Ton Up Thruxton that was a give-away for one lucky winner in Australia, Mark Brown of Melbourne. Mark won the Ton-Up Triumph that was special made for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a charity that supports many mens health issues. Take a look at this great organization and the Triumph Ton Up Thruxton.  https://www.gentlemansride.com/blog/ton-up-thruxton

Stay Tuned, if Triumph Announces a Ton-Up Edition Cafe Racer, or Anyone Else for That Matter, You Will be Able to Find Out About Here!

We eat, drink, sleep, and wear the cafe racer lifestyle and spirit here at Ton Up Clothing. We are committed to bringing the essence of the Ton-Up Boys to life once again. Perhaps if Triumph builds a Ton-Up bike, we will design them their own line of Ton-Up Apparel. 

About Ton Up Clothing

Ton Up Clothing is a retro clothing brand, rooted in the history of British Cafe Racers  - custom motorcycles; stripped back and built from the ground up to reflect a spirit of speed, rebellion and rock'n'roll - just like our amazing apparel.

UPDATE: It's Official


Triumph Announces a Ton-Up Edition Cafe Racer

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